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2020 End of Year Tournament Dates

8U: July 3-5

9U July 9-12

10U June 25-28

11U June 25-28

12U July 9-12

13U June 25-28

14U July 9-12

MSBL Baseballs

Bat Rule concerns

USA bat rules will not be mandatory for MSBL games in 2020 and we will follow the same USSSA bat rules from 2019.

This is done to lessen the financial impact on families.

Please note that USSSA Baseball Tournaments and  Gameday USA have decided not to follow the new USA bat rules for 2020 as well.

If you have a new USA approved bat, you can use it in League play for MSBL.

For a bat to be legal it must be permanently marked

“1.15 BPF”  “BBCOR”  "USA" or be a wood bat. There are NO barrel restrictions

The U14 division will be the only division that must use a -5 or -3 bat.

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Contact the MSBL

Contact the MSBL

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