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    11U & 13U Update (Rainout Contingency)

    Well so much for April.... 


    The MSBL has been in discussion and we are going to implement the following changes for the 11U and 13U levels to hopefully help alleviate all the rainouts and reschedules.

    1. June 30th will be the last day regular season games will be recognized for 11U and 13U. All Regular season games must be completed by this date. (There will be awards for each regular season division winner.)

    2. For tournament seeding we will keep the same cutoff dates, however we will use only the first 15 games played instead of the full 18.

    11U & 13U Tournament Seeding Cutoff 11:59 PM 6/13/2022

    If you fail to reach 15 games, those games not played will be considered 0-7 losses for tournament seeding purposes only. You can still make up these games to count towards the regular season standings.


    As of right now the other levels will stay as is, and we will take another look if we continue to see games get rained out.

    Umpires Needed

    OFFICIAL FINDERS, LLC is looking for baseball, softball, and soccer officials to start working as early as TODAY with games available in your backyard! Ages 12+ are eligible. Follow this link to apply: and they will respond to you with information about training and/or onboarding. 


    If you would like to talk, please call Tim James directly at 630-779-2497.

    League Update 3/31/2022

    I'll take "most asked question first week of baseball in Chicagoland" for 200.00 Alex

    "what is, The Cold Weather Rule!"

    Well it seems the Baseball Gods have determined our opening day matters not. Nonetheless, tomorrow officially opens up our season. We are still putting the final touches on all schedules and making adjustments as they come in so please be patient.

    Remember, you and your opponent are ultimately responsible for game date, time and, location details.

    A good rule of thumb is to always reach out to your opponent at least 24 hours ahead of time to confirm said details.

    Let's Play Ball (still starting before MLB)

    Oh and by the way here is the official rule.....

    G.    Temperature Restriction - A game may be re-scheduled due to cold temperature at game time. Both managers must agree not to play due to temperature at game time. If both managers cannot agree, the game must be played as scheduled or a forfeit will result for the no show team. Once the game begins it becomes an official game as described in Section 5, Item C.
    (I personally use 45 degrees at start of game as the go/nogo gauge for our 9 and 11's.)

    2022 End of Season, Tournament Weekends, and Play in Dates

    8U, 11U, 13U Regular Season Ends 11:59 PM 6/13/2022

    Pool Play 6/16 – 6/21. ( 2 offsite Games)

    Bracket Play 6/23 – 6/26. (Single Elim in EG)

    9U, 10U, 12U Regular Season Ends 11:59 PM 6/24/2022

    Pool Play 6/27 – 7/5. ( 2 offsite Games)

    Bracket Play 7/7 – 7/10. (Single Elim in EG)

    14U Regular Season Ends *6/30/2022

    Pool Play 6/13 – 6/15. (2 offsite Games)

    Bracket Play 6/16 – 6/19. (Single Elim in EG)

    *Specific Rules Apply

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